For those who are tired doing the laundry,阅读理解及答案

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For those who are tired doing the laundry, Samsung has found an answer: a washing machine that can tell you when your laundry is done via a smartphone app(application).
Strange though it may seem — “my wife already does that” was a common response among attendees viewing the device when it was introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week — Samsung is just one of many appliance makers racing to install (安装) a large number of internet-connected features in machines in an effort to make them “smart”.
Last year, it was a refrigerator that tweeted. This year, it’s Wi-Fi-enabled laundry machines and fridges that can tell you when your groceries are going bad.
The washers and dryers, available starting in the spring, connect to any smartphone through a downloadable application. The phone can then be used as a remote control, so the machines can be turned on and off while their owners is at work or on the bus.
Samsung says it’s not just something new — the app connection actually has some practical uses.
“If you started to dry clothes in the morning and forgot to take them out, you can go to your phone and restart your dryer for the time when come home, so your clothes are refreshed and ready to go,” said spokesperson Amy Schmidt.
The company also says that with electricity rate(电价)varying depending on the time of day, more control over when the machines are used can help save money.
Perhaps, but what they will probably really accomplish is what all good technologies do —enable laziness. Rather than getting up to check on whether the laundry is done, users will instead monitor it on their phones while watching TV.
72. What can be inferred from the common response of the attendees at the CES?
A. The machine will be a big success.
B. their wives like doing the laundry.
C. The machine is unrelated to their life.
D. This kind of technology is familiar to them.
【解析】根据文章第二段中的… “my wife already does that” was a common response…可以推断,大多人对于这种新型洗衣机不大感兴趣,因为大多都是妻子洗衣服。
73. What can we learn about the new laundry machines?
A. They can tell you when your clothes need washing
B. They can be controlled with a smartphone
C. They are difficult to operate
D. They are sold at a low price
【解析】从第一段中的…when your laundry is done via a smartphone app.可知,这种洗衣机是由智能手机操控的,因此答案选B。文章中没有提到这种产品的价格,可以排除D。
74. We can conclude form Samsung’s statements that ___________.
A. the app connection makes life easier
B. it is better to dry clothes in the morning
C. smartphone can shorten the drying time
D. we should refresh clothes back at home
75. What is the main idea of the last paragraph?
A. The laundry should be frequently checked
B. Lazy people like using such machines
C. Good technologies also cause problems
D. Television may help do the laundry.
【解析】从最后一段…is what all good technologies do—enable laziness可以得知,这种新型洗衣机和其他科技一样,也能让我们变懒,这是一个弊端。



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