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英 语 试 题




1.—I can’t stand you! I’m leaving.
—        . See if I care.
A.No problem  B.Come on C.No doubt D.Go ahead
2.Remember, better health         in feet, Walk more, feel the difference! 高考网wWw.GaoKw.cOm

A.measures B.has measured C.is measured D.was measured
3.Memorial Day is a US national holiday       to remember those who gave their lives in the service of the nation.
A.set aside B.put up C.put on D.set up
4.—Do you ask why I am learning English?
—Yes, I mean, what are you going to do with it? Are you going to be a teacher of English or something like       ?
A.it B.him C.that D.such
5.You are welcome to ask whatever questions. Don’t        .
A.hold B.settle C.remain D.hesitate
6.It is easy to set the goal of our production for next year, but      to achieve it takes a lot of trouble.
A.how B.who C.where D.when
7.Is this the reason         he gave us for the delay of the project?
A.how B.what C.why D.that
8.Being a tour guide offers me a chance to work for money and meanwhile travel for         .

A.pleasure B.honour C.leisure D.cheer

9.—Why don’t you do the game with me?
—Well, let me try         you insist.
A.once B.since C.unless D.although
10.       total of 8,000 people applied for the job, but        total number of people who really got the job was no more than 50.
A.A; the B.The; a C.A; a D.The; the
11.The report is not complete; it does not include sales in France,          .
A.as a result B.for once C.as well D.for example
12.—Shall I help you with the washing up?
—          . I’ll do it later. Thanks anyway.
A.Not exactly B.No way C.Don’t bother D.Never again
13.France national football team had not expect that they would end up     by 0:4 at World Cup 2010. 高考网wWw.GaoKw.cOm

A.to beat B.beaten C.to be beaten D.beating
14.Our industry makes use of what farmers          throw away as waste.
A.also B.though C.otherwise D.therefore
15.Mum, I arrived at the train station twenty minutes ago, but Betty          up yet.
A.hadn’t turned B.won’t turn C.hasn’t turned D.didn’t turn
16.I have to spend much time on my notes     sure I can pass tomorrow’s test.
A.making B.to make C.to be making D.made
17.Nigeria, a major West African country, is nearly        Great Britain.
A.three times the size as B.three times the size of
C.three times as the size D.the size three times of
18.Steven         so active and lively after so many years, which I didn’t expect.
A.remained B.remains C.has remained D.had remained


19.Look at the girl coming toward us. From the clothes on her,      she be a student?
A.can  B.may C.will D.must
20.—Have you found anywhere to do your research?
—Yes. It’s the company      my elder brother belongs.
A.there B.that C.what D.where
Bill Trew worked on the night shift(夜班) in an old coal mine called Park Deep.Day and night 180 miners worked underground there, more than 6,00 feet   21  .They all took their   22   of night work, but Bill always worked at night.he said he   23   it.
One day he came home as usual at half past seven in the morning.He had his ‘Supper’,   24   he called it, and went to bed.An   25    dream troubled his sleep.  26  , the only thing he remembered about it was— a throbbing(跳动) blue light. 高考网wWw.GaoKw.cOm

Bill got up in the afternoon as usual.It was a   27    getting up—because he could still see the blue light in front of his eyes.As the evening   28   darker, the light grew stronger.Bill got ready for the night shift.But by 8 o'clock the blue light was so bright that he could   29    see anything else.He and his wife were very puzzled.Bill had never been    30   before.
“Don't go to work,”Mrs.Trew said.“If it isn't better   31    tomorrow, I'll have to send for the doctor.”
Bill didn't go to work.He sat in an armchair,    32    but with closed eyes.  33   then the blueness was like a living thing.It surrounded him, silent, throbbing.The family went to bed but Bill wasn't   34  : he stayed in his armchair.
At 11 o'clock a long, loud explosion(爆炸)   35   the ground.Bill opened his eyes and   36 to his feet.The blue light was   37   ! He rushed outside.Someone shouted, “Gas! gas in Park Deep! Oh pity the night shift!” 高考网wWw.GaoKw.cOm

The gas explosion killed 179 men in Park Deep.The mine was destroyed   38   .Bill Trew has never  39   wondering. The blue light: why did it make him the only man   40   for work that night?
21.A.down B.around C.off D.away
22.A.order B.time C.share D.list
23.A.decided B.preferred C.suited D.needed
24.A.what B.because C.when D.as
25.A.uneasy B.unusual C.extra D.ordinary
26.A.Afterwards B.However C.Therefore D.Meanwhile
27.A.regular B.fresh C.late D.strange
28.A.turned B.developed C.grew D.fell
29.A.possibly B.hardly C.probably D.immediately
30.A.fearful B.calm C.safe D.sick
31.A.for B.within C.by D.on
32.A.awake B.frightened C.clear D.relaxed
33.A.Just B.Till C.From D.Even
34.A.serious B.tired C.free D.troubled
35.A.shook B.destroyed C.attacked D.broke
36.A.struggled B.rose C.jumped D.bent

37.A.gone B.left C.frozen D.lost
38.A.at last B.at all C.for ever D.for all
39.A.stood B.stopped C.kept D.delayed
40.A.unfair B.unreasonable C.unfit D.unacceptable


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